• July 25, 2015

I received the following video from someone that wishes to remain anonymous. The claim is that this video is from the Military and it is in fact, showing alien technology used to build an aircraft that is flying at (or exceeding) supersonic speeds. “The technology has been recovered partly from “downed” UFO’s and partly from working together with an Alien species called CETIANS”, the anonymous sender says. This video is raw footage and has not been edited or enhanced by me!

What is unknown:

1. If it can fly faster then supersonic speed.
2. What military this is from.
3. What country this is.
4. What other capabilities it has, like cloaking / opening portals or wormholes.

Why are these facts unknown? Because the owner of the footage is terrified someone tracks this video back to him. I always make myself very clear that if someone wants to remain anonymous i will do everything in my power to keep it that way. If you think this is a regular aircraft, please skip to 0:49 seconds for a cockpit view from the airplane flying close to it.

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